Florida man gets tested: Six of nine VOCs in blood — Hexane “off the charts” (VIDEO & LAB RESULTS)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
By Paul Martin

September 15th, 2010

Effects on Humans: n-Hexane is a narcotic agent… and a neurotoxin – OSHA

Gregg Hall aka PcolaGregg Tests Positive For Gulf Oil Spill Toxins, September 14,2010:

Transcript Summary

I just got it this morning.

Michelle Nix set-up the testing through Metametrix in Duluth, Georgia.

The blood work tested positive for:

Hexane was “off the charts”
2-methylpentane [a structural isomer of hexane1]
3-methylpentane [a structural isomer of hexane2]
Those are 6 out of the 9 Volatile Organic Compounds they tested for…

The hexane was over their testing limits… They only test to 200 and I was over that.

See Gregg Hall’s report here.

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