Friday, September 10, 2010
By Paul Martin


By Dave Hodges
September 10, 2010

“History does not repeat itself, It rhymes” -Mark Twain

When does a country turn the page on a tragedy for the last time and finally move on?

I watched with great hope and anticipation as two generations of Americans demanded justice for JFK’s murder as most of the country rejected the official governmental explanations with cries to reopen the investigation into his death. Unfortunately, these cries fell upon arrogant, deaf ears. From the late 1960’s through mid 1990’s people such as Jim Marrs, Oliver Stone and Bill Kurtis kept the pressure on the mainstream media which forced them to give some scant attention to the fact that many did not accept Warren Commission Report and The House Select Committee on the JFK Assassination did not dig deep enough. In 2010, I no longer hold out hope that President John F. Kennedy will ever receive the justice that he and his family deserve. Sadly, Americans have finally lost interest in finding out whom and what was behind the conspiracy to murder JFK.

Just how does a country decide when to give up its quest for the truth? Is it as easy as some media type, or shadowy figure behind the scenes, pressing the delete button as we collectively and instantly move on to something new? How long will it be until our collective desires for justice and retribution, for the 911 victims, fade into the distant past in the same manner as has the JFK assassination? Sadly, I am seeing increasing evidence that 911 is a topic that is becoming as tired and as worn out as the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy has become. However, as long as I have a forum of public expression, in each September of every year that I have breath, I will continue to seek redemption and justice for 3000+ murdered Americans who should have returned safely home to their husbands, wives, sons and daughters in the evening hours of 9/11.

Shortly after 911, most politically aware Americans were cognizant of the fact that the events of 911 and the subsequent investigation by the 911 Commission, was this generation’s version of the JFK Assassination. In other words, the government was lying to its citizens and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knew it. Within a few years, a growing number of Americans understood that the false flag event that we referred to as 911 was being used as the excuse to usher in a modern day Nazi Germany version of a police state and thrust it down the throats of the American people (e.g., The Military Commissions Act, Patriot Acts I & II, etc.). What many people still do not realize is why this police state is being installed with such thoroughness, rapidity and for what ultimate purpose. In other words, what ultimate agenda lies behind the installation of this draconian police state resulting from the events of 911? This question and this question alone provides every American with sufficient reasons to keep pressing for the truth. Because around every corner of every conspiracy lies the true agenda. After John Kennedy died, 56,000 American soldiers also died who didn’t have to in the debacle called Vietnam as a direct result of his death.
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