Ninety Seven Percent of All Americans are Brain Dead

Monday, August 30, 2010
By Paul Martin

Economic Rant

(Editor’s Note: When I started “the Bear” in 2002, I honestly thought that I could help save America from the cataclysmic debacle that we are all now about to attempt to weather (silly me). Consequently, those that don’t know already, and are not prepared, are toast. It’s already waaay too late. I am constantly amazed, when meeting people that are surprised that the economy seems to be “slowing down”, and that they have lost their jobs, and even some of their “well-to-do” friends are starting to feel the pinch. Duh!

The loyal readership of this web site is not surprised. By reading these words now, I think you (“the Bear’s” loyal readership) are basically re-enforcing what you already know. Hopefully, you occasionally turn those that you meet on to this site in the hopes that they may pull their heads out of the sand, “see the light”, and be saved. LOL. Unfortunately, starting now might be a little too little too late (the dollar, and the economy with it, are going to tank before New Years, IMHO). I believe that the most important thing that we can do to deal with the myriad of problems we face (aside from being out of debt, stocked up with food that will last, and have already prepared to defend ourselves), is to face the problems that were brought on by the bozo, slimeball, criminal constituents of the “Darkside”,and their lackeys (junior bozos and assistant slimeballs, like everyone inside the beltway), and to simply realize what’s going on, who is to blame, and how the world might be a better place if they were not on it. If there were just a few more of us (more than three percent of the population) that had a clue…

When this whole thing plays out, there may only be 500,000 people left on the earth (there are currently 6.5 billion). Between the lunatics that want to fight wars everywhere (nuclear and otherwise), and the lunatics that think torture and biological weapons are apropos, those of us with a remaining semblance of sanity are quickly becoming an endangered species. Most of the people on the earth are in deep doo doo. Hey, it’s the weekend. I get to rant too. – JSB)

If you still think we have a two party system in this country please look at the chart below.

Carter (not on chart) far outspent all previous presidents and put us into hyperinflation. Pseudoconservative Reagan outspent all previous presidents. Bush Sr. outspent him. Clinton went nuts. Bush Jr. continued the insanity. Obama is now King of the Spenders. The National Debt will be paid in the form of the Much Greater Depression. Each man, woman and child in America owes $200,000. Every family of four (including infants) owes $800,000. It’s hopeless folks. All debts get paid in the end, either by the buyer or the seller. Always.

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