Friday, August 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.
August 27, 2010

Americans have historically prided themselves in being different from all other nations of the earth. Stemming from our independent lives and station from Great Britain–even while being politically subject to it–the foundation of America rested upon the ideal of independence, individualism, self-determination and freedom. A massive and motivating Secession Movement from Great Britain took only a few years to brew throughout the colonies, given only minor usurpations from their mother country, comparably speaking. The colonies’ sovereignty was deemed established not upon the winning of the war but upon their unilateral declaration: “these united Colonies ARE, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.”[1] Once their sovereignty was confirmed by the Treaty of Paris of 1783, constitutions were formed upon the American ideal of choice, reflection and wisdom, knowing that the Natural Law principles of self-government proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence were the undergirding foundation and were eternal in application to every generation.

Upon these same principles, many in America today believe that similar decisions as made by the founding generation must be made the people of the States. The fruits of the spirit of the federal government have evidenced its machinery intent of subjecting the people of the States to anti-American ideology.

However, masses of people scrounge around trying to find the answer in the system as is. “There must be someone to blame!” they claim. Some angrily point to the federal courts because of their “misinterpretation” of the U.S. Constitution. Some point to Congress for passing laws without having read the U.S. Constitution or with the attitude that if the law is unconstitutional, the courts will set it straight later. Others point to the President–as if he can do anything without the money Congress gives him to wage war, support his bureaucracy, grow his military-industrial complex and spread the wealth of the nation. Thus, every two and four years, the only method of reform that can be thought of is voting in new politicians in federal office. Meanwhile, the people see little importance in putting politicians in the State and local positions who have a true understanding of what federalism, state sovereignty and consent of governed truly mean in theory and application.
And the cycle of enslavement continues.

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