How Bad Is It?

Thursday, August 26, 2010
By Paul Martin

Well, let’s start with the Third Hindenburg Omen Confirmation I could stop there, but why bother? It is so much fun these days picking apart our failed government and the despicable crooks in the Fed and Treasury. Hell, even the MSM is getting in on the act now (well, not including CNBS of course).

When you take away the sugar infusion, you get a crash like in the Existing Home Sales Plunge 27.2%, Record Drop, Trounce Expectations Of 13.4%, Lowest Number Since May 1995. Great job Ben and Barry getting all those suckers to come in and suck up some inventory at inflated prices and interest rates! I mean, can’t you people find a better way to stimulate (STIMULATE I said) the economy? I guess not. When you apply the $25 trillion defibrillator and nothing happens, you may get the CLUE that the patient is dead. Mouth to mouth, uh, no thanks. I prefer to remain dead and not experience the economic destruction ya’ll have created.

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