Thursday, August 19, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 19, 2010

I continue to be amazed at the gullibility of the average American.

Thanks to the constant drumbeat of the politically correct lamestream media the “War on Terror” is not a “war on Islam” because, they tell us, Islam is a “great religion” and a “religion of peace.”

The same gaggle of media elites who have carried water for the Christ-hating ACLU and their cohorts, repeating their song of siren about “the separation of church and state” are now snuggling up to the “peaceful” Muslims who want to build a monument to terror near Ground Zero. As usual, the secular sycophants in the media are carrying the flag for the Christ-hating Mullahs under the banner of “freedom of religion.”

The good news is that Mom and Pop are finally starting to get it. The unholy trinity of Secularism, Islam, and Atheism has joined forces in their effort to overthrow Christianity in America and despite the cowardly leadership in the Christian community; Paul Revere is riding again, warning of the attack on everything that has made America great.

No true Muslim is a “peaceful” Muslim. Any follower of Islam who does not believe in Jihad is Islam’s version of “lukewarm” Christians. “Cultural Christians” is what my friend Gary calls them. A “cultural Christian” is one who follows the basic tenets of Christianity but has no real idea what the Bible teaches. He/she self-identifies as Christian because they were raised to follow the religious traditions of the faith, but with the exception of church attendance and daily prayer, their life style differs very little from a moral atheist.

America’s churches are filled with them. Moderate Christians…moderate Republicans…moderate conservatives. According to the dictionary, a moderate is a person who is “opposed to extreme views and actions.” Today, following the Bible is extreme.

Jesus called “moderates” lukewarm and warned that their association with His Name did not classify them as true believers. Calling oneself a Christian does not make it so. Moderate Christianity makes Jesus ill.

Most Muslims are “moderates” as well. “Lukewarm” Muslims are not thought very highly of by the more zealous followers of Mohammed. “Radicals” is what the media calls them. In fact, the “radical” Muslims promote violence even against their more “moderate” fellow believers.

Take a look around. In almost every aspect of American life it is a small element that wields all of the power. Oh, they let us vote in order to give the appearance that we are in control, but all major decisions are made by a small group of leaders. Have you noticed what is going on in the American government? Do the views of the White House represent the views of Mom and Pop America?

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