CNN: Plumes of oil “RESTING ON BOTTOM” hit Gulf beaches — Feds, BP still deny finding submerged crude (VIDEOS)

Saturday, August 14, 2010
By Paul Martin
August 14th, 2010

Even after the submerged oil tainted miles of beach in Gulf Shores, MS over the last few days, BP and the Coast Guard deny finding visible oil on the seafloor.

New emphasis on testing for “submerged oil” in MS Sound, WLOX Biloxi, August 12, 2010:

“[T]hey’re going to be looking for possible sub-surface oil. We don’t know if it’s out there, but we will be looking to identify those substances that are of question,” said the Coast Guard’s Kristen Jaekel. …

“What you may have heard spoken of as plumes of oil is parts per million levels of oil, one or two parts per million, more than 100 miles from here. And actually what was measured while the well was flowing, was lower than background levels today,” said [BP spokeswoman Maureen] Johnson.

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