Mayor says his beaches are like island where foot-deep crude oil is bubbling up; BP says it’s only some of “what we call tarmats”

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
By Paul Martin
August 10th, 2010

Orange Beach, AL mayor Tony Kennon told the Press-Register, “Anywhere that oil washed up on our beach, some has made it down below the surface.”

“He thinks the underground oil stretches along most of the city’s beaches, so most of the shoreline sand will need to be dug up,” the paper reports.

The mayor says the situation is similar to Mississippi’s Horn Island, where “oil has been reported bubbling up from more than a foot below the sand,” according to the article.

The Press-Register received a response from BP’s deputy incident commander for the state of Alabama, Kris Sliger, wh disagrees, “For most of the beaches, there is not any buried oil… In some locations — those that we have marked — we know that there is what we call tarmats… Oil is a natural part of the environment here.”

The mayor directed a few statements at BP:

“I have not seen them honor their word.”

“I can only base my beliefs on what I’ve seen.”

“I have no confidence in them at all.”

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