Do They Really Think We’re That Stupid?…More Money to the Masses…Now pardon me while I go outside and puke.

Saturday, August 7, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Mike Endres
Fri, 6 Aug 2010

The Congress of the United States has now passed a new give-away program that puts money into the States pockets so they may extend unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks.

The new $37 billion give away will go to States to enable them to extend unemployment by another 26 weeks.

Let’s see, that means you can suck off the borrowed Federal teat for a total of 125 weeks which is almost two and a half years. That’s long enough to forget how to work at all – certainly long enough for skills to get rusty and what ever is left of this countries work ethic to be completely forgotten. (Even now, I find the quaint expression ‘work ethic’ has already been forgotten by everyone under the age of 30 who has an ear bud and nose ring displayed.)

On top of that, the house of your representatives (not my house, I guarantee you) just passed a fresh “jobs” bill that will sail through the senate and be signed by Obama to, yet once again, shovel money to the States (in the amount of $26 billion dollars) to allow those States to leave their bloated budgets in place and not lay off, fire or otherwise clean up their act in the public services sectors at all.

All those teachers, firemen and policemen (does anyone else work for State governments? If they do, I never hear them mentioned or their names even whispered!) to keep their jobs, remove the requirement for the State and local governments to buckle down and use the money they already have more effectively and more efficiently.

Oh no – that can not be allowed.

But wait a minute.. All this “money” being showered on the States had to come from somewhere – didn’t it? Why, of course it did. Under normal circumstances, it would come from the taxpayer who lives in those states and communicate with those local governments involved. The taxpayer, in fact, did just that and essentially told the many states and local governments to knock it the hell off, no more taxes and cut back on your expenses to match your income.

This word was passed along quite loudly and the local and state governments listened on pain of being tossed out of office on their collective butts and made plans to streamline operations, lay off personnel as necessary and not fill vacancies as they came along for a few years.

But our ever benevolent, stupid, idiotic federal government who can’t bear to save a dime when they can spend another $billion, says “No! We can’t allow you to do what the voters and citizens have demanded that you do! Here, we’ll borrow another $60 billion dollars from the Federal Reserve and write you some nice checks!”

Does the federal government really think we’re all that stupid not to know what’s going on? Do they really believe that money comes from the federal reserve (just like milk comes from bottles)? Also in unlimited amounts and — well what the Hell — we will never pay back our current debts anyhow, so why not run up some more?

The treasury department and budgetary agencies don’t even enter into it anymore. The treasury just makes some journal entries that effectively “prints” $60 billion in treasury notes and bonds, faxes that to the federal reserve who makes a journal entry that it just bought $60 billion in notes and bonds from the unimpeachable Treasury Department (who always will pay its bills, right?) and then the federal reserve writes a deposit slip out and presto! the U.S.government has another $60 billion dollars to send to the states to extend unemployment benefits to one and all and to keep those firemen, policemen, and teachers paid and happy.

Nothing to it! All smoke and mirrors and BS and they think we’re too dumb not to know how it works. They are destroying this country $1 billion at a time. Over and over and over. I am really starting to believe that the citizens of this fine U. S. of A. are indeed as stupid and clueless as the governments on various levels think they are. Many letters to the local papers here make that very painfully clear.

All we can do is allow no incumbent politician survive national elections for the elections in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Not a one. Except Ron Paul maybe.

That only gives the bounders and crooks 4 more years to finish ruining this country, destroying our credit and credibility and perhaps a few of the new guys who go to Washington will be honest enough to start putting the pieces back together again.

Now pardon me while I go outside and puke.

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