War it appears is imminent? Current drug shortages are telling the picture

Friday, July 30, 2010
By Paul Martin

July 29, 2010

Are we going to War?

It seems this may be true from the drug shortages which are listed on the FDA’s website. I see this as “the smoking gun”, that only stockpiling for war could explain the combination of shortages seen on their website. The government is citing increased demand as an explanation for shortages, but as usual, it is not being truthful. Only believing we are having tens of thousands more traumas than possible, along with executing every prisoner in the country, could even beset the feeblest of minds.

Let me paint a picture for you. Keeping in mind any one drug shortage might be explainable, even two, but this overall combination is a tell tale sign of stockpiling for nuclear war, or even worse!

Just think, if you were the government facing nuclear war, what would you do? Would you stockpile things in a certain order? Yes! First, you would think in terms of battlefield casualties, then civilians. The order might be something like this, anesthesia, pain, (troop’s are always first priority) then radiation, disease, and malnutrition. You would want to stockpile drugs for these conditions and a pattern might be discerned. The FDA has made this all too easy, listing drugs in short supply.

The drugs in short supply, and the theme I believe is developed behind these so called shortages can easily be seen. The shortages are admitted by the FDA on their website.

The theme I will develop as such; over the last year anesthesia drugs have been routinely in short supply. Why is this?

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