Hyperinflation is Your Future

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

Economic Rant

Please go to the website www.inflation.us and sign up for their free newsletter. They tell the truth, they don’t want your money, and they can see silver is the best investment in the world. Do you really understand what “quantitative easing” is? You hear this term constantly in the media from Helicopter Ben Shalom Benanke (who promised “I will throw money from helicopters if necessary.”). He further said, “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”

It means printing worthless unbacked Monopoly money

That’s what it means. Quantitative easing means HYPERINFLATION. This is theft. There is no mystery at all about inflation. There is only one case of inflation, and that is printing unbacked money. The Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) has devalued the dollar 95% since 1913 when they were formed illegally in direct violation of our Constitution. Right, our 1912 dollar is now worth 5 cents. Inflation is theft. This is exactly what communist Mugabe did to destroy Rhodesia. That prosperous once fine country is now poverty stricken one party dictatorship Zimbabwe.

World events are getting worse and worse by the day. Israeli and American troops are concentrated on the Iranian border. This will be the worst mistake America has ever made, even worse than the horrendous Iraqi war

We should not have any wars now

We should not have any foreign military bases. We should not have one single soldier not on American soil. You need to be prepared in every way possible. You should always be prepared, but now we have every reason to believe a major war is going to start any time. Maybe it will be delayed, but it is going to happen eventually. No one knows when it will kick off, only that it will. The Mideast is none of our business. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are none of our business. This country was founded on the principle of “laisse faire”, or mind your own business. “Friendships with all and entanglements with none”, said our founding fathers.

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