Monday, July 26, 2010
By Paul Martin


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
July 26, 2010

[Note: In 2003, I wrote a book called Cover-Up: Government Spin or Truth? regarding 9/11 and the war with Iraq. A new book, The Reluctant Spy by John Kiriakau, confirms that our government has covered-up important information regarding those two events. In March 2002 the author went to Pakistan as chief of counterterrorism operations for the CIA. He and the team members raided the Taliban Embassy in Pakistan and found files with 163 phone bills of calls to all over the U.S. that ended September 10, 2001 and picked up again on September 16. These were turned over to the FBI because they could reveal terrorist contacts in the U.S., but two years later the author learned the numbers had never been taken out of the box in which they were sent to the FBI, and they had been sent to a storage facility in Maryland never to be seen again! What if there were another major terrorist attack that could have been prevented by monitoring the people to whom those calls were made? Also the FBI requested Kiriakau give them not only the copies of the phone bills but the originals as well. Why would they want both if they were not going to take them out of the box but just put them in storage? Might there have been numbers in those files that the FBI didn’t want anyone else to know about?

When Kiriakau returned to the U.S., he was promoted to executive assistant to the deputy director of the CIA and had to take a secrecy oath. When he asked the oath administrator why his pledge of silence was important, he was told: “Here’s the deal, next year in March 2003 we’re going to invade Iraq; we’re going to overthrow Saddam Hussein; and we’re going to open the largest air base in the world.” He was told this almost a year BEFORE the Iraq war began! So much for the reluctant invasion due to discovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction theory.]

Continuing from the last section of Part 15 of this series regarding the occultic aspects of the Nazi/Power Elite (PE) Plan, some neo-Nazis secretly allied with Iran’s Fascist clerics to sponsor a search for the home of their common Aryan ancestors. I have already described in earlier series parts the Atlantis theory and how the Aryans located in the Shamballa area of the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. One of the leading promoters of the Nazi-Iranian Aryan Axis was Swiss banker Ahmed Huber.

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