Desperate Cities Begin Giving Away Land, Taxing Non-Profits

Monday, July 26, 2010
By Paul Martin

Joe Weisenthal
Jul. 26, 2010

The NYT has a nice look at what some cash-strapped cities are doing to make ends meet.

Around the nation, cities and towns facing grim budget circumstances are grasping at unlikely — some would say desperate — means to bolster their shrunken tax bases. Like Beatrice, places like Dayton, Ohio, and Grafton, Ill., are giving away land for nominal fees or for nothing in the hope that it will boost the tax rolls and cut the lawn-mowing bills.

As the article puts it, they’re reviving the idea of homesteading, basically.

(As an aside, it’s hard to imagine real estate prices firming much, when the trend is for towns to give it away.)

Another tax-raising idea that’s sure to anger folks?

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