Citizen Alert! You Are On Your Own. Joint Defense Science Board / Threat Reduction Advisory Task Force Blasts US Military As Unprepared To Survive Nuclear Apocalypse

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Paul Martin

Report Blasts Military For Not Being Nuke-Proof

By Olivia Koski
July 22, 2010

If, by some chance, you end up surviving the nuclear apocalypse, don’t count on the U.S. military to be around to help you rebuild. Or don’t expect all its fancy electronics and communications equipment to work, at least.

That’s the strongly worded, rather ominous assessment from a joint Defense Science Board/ Threat Reduction Advisory Committee Task Force, which warns in a recent report that the military needs to wake up to its vulnerability to nuclear attack.

“Actions — both by others and of our own doing — are combining to create potentially tragic consequences on military operations involving the effects of nuclear weapons on the survivability of critical [military] systems,” notes the report, spotted by

Since the U.S. stopped squaring off against the USSR, American military leaders haven’t been taking nuclear threats that seriously, the report implies. (Do they know something we don’t?)

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