Airport Peepshow

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Lad C. Hudac
What you are about to read is true…

The names have been changed to be more appropriate…

This is a tale about an individual’s struggle against the fear-mongering forces of the collectivist state.

It is a short tale, but it carries a message that will resonate with millions.

The Cast of Characters:

Gatekeeper – Height: unknown from a sitting position. Adept with a hologram illuminating flashlight, and quick to mark up a boarding pass with any weird squiggly or zig-zag that might make the amateur terrorist nervous.

Gestapo Member #1 – A tall, older man with thinning grey hair, a shiny badge, and a sense of no nonsense urgency about him.

Gestapo Member #2 – Rotund. 35–40 years old. Goatee and proud owner of multiple chins. Very possible that GM #2 read Mark Sisson’s lesser-known book, The Primal Demeanor.

Gestapo Female – Mid 40’s. Quick with the x-ray bag scanner, and even quicker to rummage through the bag of anyone who raises a red flag.

The Rest…HERE

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