My Boating ‘Experience’ Into the Gulf Offshore Pt. Charlotte FL – Toxic Air – Red Tide/Flu Symptoms *UPDATE Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
By Paul Martin

I was on a sailboat yesterday [Sunday, July 11] all day from 7AM until just after 7PM. We went into the Gulf of Mexico to see what might be there. About 4 miles west of the harbour inlet, we all started coughing and felt short of breath. It was impossible to take a deep breath without coughing. The wind was coming directly from the west at about 10-15 knots most of the afternoon. There was no visible oil on the water surface.

We saw dozens of bull-nose sharks and dolphins all heading east towards the coast and into Charlotte Harbor. As soon as everyone had a dry cough, we quickly turned east and headed back to the harbour under both sail and engine power.

All five of us had irritated eyes (itchy) and a dry cough the entire time out there. The coughing slowed when we got to our dock at the marina and stopped within minutes after we got into our cars and turned on the air conditioning (recirculating, not fresh air).

I physically feel as if I’ve been drugged or badly beaten. Every joint aches, yet there is no reason for this as I did no physical activity that would warrant body and especially joint aches like this. The same goes for the other four who were with me.

By my many years of military experience, I have no doubt I was poisoned with the air blowing directly from the west while we were in the open water of the Gulf.

Now, all of us can take deep breaths again without coughing, so there is no doubt we were exposed to toxic fumes when we were offshore in the Gulf.

As soon as we got back to the house, we all took a teaspoon of Bentonite Clay (internally) to absorb any toxins and also took clay baths (2 oz. of clay powder for a tub full of water) to absorb the toxins from our skin (two of us had red blotches on our arms and legs). I took another teaspoon of clay mixed with juice this morning because of my joint aches (I was affected the most with this).

I’m feeling much better now and no-one is coughing. I made everyone drink elderberry tea early yesterday evening as this stops lung infections and pneumonia as well as soothes coughing urges. It worked almost instantly as everyone slept last night (Sunday evening) without coughing.

Don’t believe ANYTHING the MSM tells you about the Gulf of Mexico. While we’re not affected on land in our area, the toxins are in the air just miles away from the shoreline. For the first time in over eight weeks, we had a westerly wind yesterday. Today, the wind is from the south again. ‘They’ are definitely controlling the weather as southerly winds for all of May, June, and 1/2 of July is abnormal in SW Florida.

There were no fishing boats out in the Gulf like we always see. We were the only boat outside the inlet at Boca Grande with the exception of a few small fishing boats in the shallow water near the shoreline.

It’s a good thing I knew the symptoms of toxic air and treated everyone last night. Imagine the fishermen who go out into the Gulf and breathe the toxins all day long.

They must all be thinking they have the flu when there is no doubt they have been poisoned with toxic air… and myself and four others are absolute proof of this.

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