BP Gulf Relief Oil Wells Nightmare Scenario

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
By Paul Martin

Kent Moors, Ph.D
Market Oracle
Jul 14, 2010

Although the global energy sector is entering its most-promising stretch in decades – with more new technologies and more investment opportunities than ever before – I just can’t seem to get away from BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) and its problems.

Take last Thursday, for instance. I began the day at FOX Business News, where the interviewer wanted me to explain what will happen if the BP relief wells fail. Then I spent an hour as the guest on a radio talk show from Johannesburg, South Africa, detailing what options are available to BP. Later still, I served as a consultant to a Wall Street investment crew – via conference call – once again on the status of the BP relief wells.

The BP relief wells are right now the dominant topic on everyone’s mind. But there are two potential scenarios – of “nightmare proportions” – that investors need to know about.

Let me explain…

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