BP oil spill: new cap ‘successfully installed’ on leaking well

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
By Paul Martin

BP to begin tests to close valves on new containment cap, amid hopes of a turning point in efforts to stop deep-sea gusher.

James Meikle
Tuesday 13 July 2010

BP has installed a larger, tighter-fitting containment cap on the ruptured Gulf of Mexico wellhead that has been gushing with oil since the Deepwater Horizon explosion on 20 April, raising hopes of limiting damage during the looming hurricane season.

Crude oil continues to spill into the sea, but the company will begin testing the new cap’s internal pressure this morning by closing its valves. It hopes to stop the flow until more permanent measures can be taken.

“It is expected, though cannot be assured, that no oil will be released to the ocean for the duration of the test,” BP said. “This will not, however, be an indication that flow from the wellbore has been permanently stopped.”

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