BP Oil Spill: Containment Cap Installed on Leak, As Anger Surges Over Slow Claims Payouts

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
By Paul Martin

Adm.Thad Allen Says BP ‘Very Close’ to Stopping Oil From Gushing Into the Gulf of Mexico

July 12, 2010

BP has successfully lowered a new containment cap onto its leaking well, its latest attempt to control the gushing oil since the start of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico 84 days ago.

Underwater video of the well showed the new 18-foot, 150,000-pound cap being placed onto the wellhead. The company will soon begin the process of testing the fit that could finally contain all of the leaking oil.

But even with that sign of success, anger continued to bubble across the Gulf Coast today over unfulfilled damage claims.

Gulf residents say they’ve been required to fill out mountains of detailed paperwork, but all the forms could amount to nothing if they forget one little thing and BP refuses to pay.

“I done gave them this paperwork three times,” one frustrated resident told ABC News today.

Some frustrated fishermen, who haven’t been able to work since the start of the spill, said today that BP is doing everything to try to refuse to pay their claims.

Fisherman Darrell Moreaux went to the BP claims office today for a fourth time, with a fistful of receipts trying to prove his claim to a $5,000 check.

“Everyone’s dependent on these people now, and we don’t know what’s the holdup,” Moreaux said.

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