Ain’t No Money in Being Productive

Sunday, July 11, 2010
By Paul Martin

Chink in the
11 Jul 10

There ain’t no money in being productive. The only money to be made is in feasting upon the carcass of this once great nation.

Seriously. Think about it. What sector of the economy is making serious money right now? The banking industry. And how do they make money? By taking funds from the fed at near 0% interest rates and then doing a couple of things. They can lend it to the Federal Government at interest and make money on the spread. They can trade in the stock market for their own account; a rigged game with their nano second front running at the expense of their retail & wholesale customers. All of the majors had a perfect quarter last quarter meaning they had no trading day losses. Easy to do if you know in advance what everyone else is going to do.
Let’s take it back a step in time. Let’s take it back to the vulture capitalists. Do you know they make their money? By being a brilliant capitalist? That’s what they would want you to believe. No, they make money by using borrowed money to buy family owned businesses, saddling the company with debt, taking a multi million dollar fee from the borrowed money for doing so, operating the company for a while and then selling it on for a larger amount to someone else using borrowed money saddling the company with more debt, and taking out a profit in the transaction. Brilliant, right? Depends. If you are the vulture, you get a nice check. If you are the worker at the company, you eventually lose your job as the company closes because the company could no longer service the debt payments. In other words extracting money from the carcass of productivity. Geniuses, all and they are worshiped as gods of capitalism.

In the real estate world, the only thing moving are the foreclosures and the turnover thereof. Some may say this is expunging the system of a bad hangover, I’m not so sure. The whole system is based upon credit – meaning money issued as debt. It takes a productive job to be able to have the money to service debt. If there are no productive jobs, who is going to be left to buy the houses? And even if the ones who have the few remaining money paying jobs buy these houses as rental properties, who are they going to rent to? You have, no doubt, heard about the ever growing tent cities? It’s a shame, all of these houses sitting empty, and all of these people living in tents. In my book, the foreclosure/real estate industry is feeding on the carcass.

And productive work? Forget about it. No one seems to be interested anymore.

A case in point. There is a technology sitting on the shelf right now which quite literally turns you shit into gold. It takes fresh, raw humanure and extracts line grade methane gas from it at volumetric parity. What does that mean? It means for every gallon of poo which is processed, you get a gallon of line grade natural gas. And what would that mean were it implemented in a community? It would mean the municipal waste treatment plant would go from a money sucking, power sucking critical community infrastructure liability, to a money generating, power creating community infrastructure asset. It pays for itself. It pays for its operation, it pays for its replacement.

Is it used? No. And do you want to know why? Because the patents have expired. No one is willing to develop it to a community wide application because it can be done by anyone. Unless it can be protected with patents, no one is willing to “risk” the money to develop it. Productive? Absolutely. Does it make money? Absolutely. Will it be developed? What, are you kidding?

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