Oil Spill Tip Of “Epidemic”

Thursday, July 8, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Steve Alexander

MOBILE, Alabama – Scary words about possible health problems in the future from our Coastal Crisis.
They come from a marine toxicology expert who worked at the scene of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.
Dr. Riki Ott told a packed house at a Sierra Club meeting in Mobile Tuesday night about health problems some cleanup workers are facing.
Ott said, “I think this is the tip of the public health epidemic. I think the public health officials are downplaying it because they can’t seem to find unsafe levels.”
Ott said BP should be giving cleanup workers like fishermen respirators instead of hard hats.
She said, “Our federal government standards are set up for 40 hour work weeks where you have time to clear your body, and this is not happening and this is what made our fishermen sick. Exxon managed to cover up the ‘Valdez Crud,’ called it cold and flu. What is BP doing? Food poisoning, heat stroke, staph infections, because, now, we’re getting skin infections as well.”
Even scarier, Ott thinks it won’t be just cleanup workers having health problems: so could people who visit the beach.
Ott said, “Wicked sore throats, burning eyes, ear bleeds: this is all exactly deja vu Exxon Valdez. And the people most at risk are the little children, because their little lungs are filtering more poison per body weight.”

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