Arrogance 101…(A Good Read…)

Friday, July 2, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Christopher Manion

Former G. W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson assails the critics of government — not the government, himself or his comfortably ensconced political pals – because he has suddenly noticed the rabble’s “ugly” anger and outrage against the burgeoning tyranny that abounds in the land. “They [he means us] are making politics an unpleasant chore, practiced mainly by the vicious and angry, and are feeding dangerous resentments in a volatile time.”

Shame on you ungrateful miscreants!

Of course the permanent government wants its rule to be pleasant and cozy – just like the opulent lives of the members of the Inner Party (Gerson’s “grownups”) in Big Brother’s Peoples Paradise. Do not intrude, ye wretched of the earth, into our hallowed Aspen Institute seminars at home and slaughter of innocents abroad. Shut up and get to work! It’s dangerous when you think! Be grateful for our generous and bountiful dedication to ruling you and guiding you to your better selves. (Lin Piao, call your office).

Gerson’s stratospheric arrogance is scarcely quantifiable, but it accurately reflects the mindset of the West Wing in both the Bush and Obama administrations. Of course it makes Gerson welcome at the Post, where he is advertised as a “conservative.” His brazen contempt does reflect, however, the fact that the despotic urge that swells in the Beltway Trough is thoroughly bipartisan. The GOP Hot Tub Dwellers are just as horrified by the freedom-loving anti-government wave as the Democrats are. Moreover, Gerson is incorrect in alleging that the desire for freedom is somehow recent. Rather, because of the wonders of the Internet he is only now being forced to acknowledge it – and it galls his unctuously condescending superiority something fierce.

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