Class War and the Decline of the West

Thursday, July 1, 2010
By Paul Martin

Jesse’s Café Américain
30 June 2010

Before he rediscovered his self interest, ignoring the outrageous financial frauds perpetrated by his own ratings agency, Warren Buffett famously said, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

I find it remarkable that there is so little meaningful discussion of this in mainstream circles. Well perhaps not, considering that most of them are now owned by a few major corporations.

The key to stopping this theft of your freedom is purging the political system of the corruption of paid influence, campaign contributions by non-persons like corporations, special interest groups, and unions, the breaking up of the media conglomerates that seek to control the news, and the implementation of a system of sound money for international trade at least, using a standard that resists the manipulation of the financial system as outlined in Hugo Salinas-Price’s quietly brilliant and remarkably insightful essay, Gold Standard: Protector and Generator of Jobs.

The powers that be will fight reform every step of the way, using propaganda and your prejudices and emotions against you. The best way to conquer a people is to persuade them to enslave themselves using slogans and simplistic views of the world that play on their fears and hatreds. The neo-liberal economic fraud that was scripted by the monied interests is played out daily to vast audiences using actors and actresses masquerading as politicians, analysts, and commentators.

I receive at least ten emails per day from the self-enslaving, sadly to say mostly older men like myself, that repeat the slogans and urban myths like faithful party members, seasoned with hateful prejudice and mindless propaganda, so I know that the influence peddlers and indoctrinators are doing a good job of it, subverting the middle class.

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