Poverty, Starvation and Sickness: Welcome to The New World Order!

Thursday, June 24, 2010
By Paul Martin

Neil Foster,
Sovereign Independent
June 24, 2010

With the propagandist rag, The Irish Times now ‘reporting’, or in my opinion telling us what their masters intend doing to us, that 30% of people, according to an EU survey, are now worried about being able to afford to buy food.


This is the same ‘newspaper’ that tells you to think that bailing out the banks, ahead of feeding the people, seems like a good idea, ‘to keep the economy afloat’ of course and to make sure that the criminal bankers are still able to live their jet set lifestyle.

But hey, we’ve to starve to save the bankers who’ve already eaten our savings and our futures for generations to come. That’s alright isn’t it? We must have voted for that right?

They love us and want to save us from ourselves don’t they? Oh, and by the way, there are too many people don’t you know. Hmm it seems, according to The Irish Times again, that people are going to struggle to pay for healthcare too. So we’re going to get sicker before we starve to death.

Well that’s just fine and dandy for the pharmaceutical industry who recently tried to kill us with a fake swine flu ‘vaccination’. But hey, we need our drugs right?

But the good news is that the recession is over! We can all celebrate the recovery that includes starvation, sickness and utter poverty. Welcome to Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ where those that are required to do all those jobs the bankers need the slaves to do for them will all get drugged up to the eyeballs and be very happy with our new found servitude to the state.

But before we get to the ‘Brave New World’, our generation are going to have to go through the ‘1984’ scenario of utter poverty, the ‘Big Brother’ police state and of course mass murder of the people.

What a wonderful world it really is now that the bankers are going to save us all from them, or is it from ourselves? Because hey, we’re too stupid to look after ourselves, aren’t we? We need psychopaths to do our thinking for us don’t we? We need them, as George Bernard Shaw said, to make us justify to them why they should allow us to live and what our usefulness to their society will be. Otherwise it’s a bullet in the back of the head in true Fascist/Communist style.

On serious note, as if the above weren’t serious enough, it’s time people started to look after themselves instead of relying on the politicians to look after them, because as you may have noticed in previous scribblings by myself, I don’t have much time for the view that government is there to look after or quite frankly give a toss for you at all because it should be obvious by now that they don’t!

People need to start storing food for the future when the New World Order lunatics really kick off their agenda, whether this be a Third World War, which is looking more likely by the day, or they simply create total economic devastation across the planet to force starvation, sickness and abject poverty on us all.

This was all planned a long time ago and unless people realise that this is the case, they are goners.

If you can’t grow food, start storing it. Tins of food currently last upto 3 years with dry foods such as beans, pulses, pasta, rice etc lasting a shorter time. This is going to be essential if we the people are going to be able to fight back against the tyranny when it inevitably arrives. Even if you live in an apartment with a balcony you’d be surprised how much you can grow in a small area but anyway, anything you can grow is better than starving!

If you can grow food, grow as much as you can. It’s not just you that will need it. You and your family will of course be your first priority but the time has come to restore our humanity and help our friends, neighbours and our fellow man in general so it is essential that as much good, healthy food is available.

If you are a farmer or have friends who are, can I suggest that you talk to them about growing food crops for the locals? If food is grown locally, without the use of chemicals, then it is far healthier for you than anything you’ll find in Tescos!

Also start stocking up on high quality vitamins and minerals, again not the junk vitamins from high street chemists, which are useless and basically fraudulent in that they do you no good whatsoever as the doses are minimal at best.

Do your own research into vitamins etc and find out what the human body really needs and take it from there. There are good quality, high potency vitamins etc available from many reputable sources online.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and are generally deficient in our ‘processed’ diets of today. This again is another reason to grow as much of your own food as possible.

Money is going to become nonexistent in the coming years so we’ll need to get down to a barter system whereby we can either exchange food items for other essentials or services. We should stock up on things like toilet paper, batteries medical supplies such as plasters etc to name but a few.

For those reading this who understand that this is happening I urge you to get organised yourselves if you haven’t done so already. We need as many people as possible who understand the enemy to get through what’s coming.

For those who are reading this kind of thing for the first time, it’s not my intention to scare you but you must understand that this is going to happen. It was written about in many books over the past centuries leading upto this time in history. The current financial collapse was predicted by many alternative media sources over a decade ago. So when you hear governments say they never foresaw it coming, it becomes very obvious that they are utter liars. This being the case, would you trust them to look after your family in times of crisis?

We must take responsibility back into our own hands and start to look after ourselves and our fellow man. Our so called leaders have led us into what will be desperate times. They won’t help us so we must stop relying on them. We must indeed, stop them interfering in every aspect of our lives whereby we look after ourselves regardless of fraudulent and criminal rules and regulations from the EU, the UN or any other criminal organisation.

It’s time to stand up for what’s right and expose the liars and criminals that have destroyed our country and others for nothing more than greed and power which they only have if we give it to them.

It’s time that the power was taken back into the hands of we the people who own it and we stopped bowing down to this criminal elite who simply want us as their slaves.

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