Friday, June 18, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 18, 2010

Inspired by a vision of total control over the American people, Obama has continuously ignored the will of the people, poll after poll and our constitution. Many Americans caught in cycles of boredom, laziness and anger about a long and expensive fight in the Middle East with Islamic radicals, allowed themselves to be seduced by Obama. He promised change, hope and real priorities again. He played on much of the nation’s weariness regarding anything to do with Bush and the Republicans. Obama was handsome, had a pretty wife and attractive girls and said he was a Christian. He had to be a great guy who really would get things right.

Instead America has walked right into a constitutional gas chamber

Obama is not dumb. He knew and saw the sea of concern and increase in the Tea Party movement all across the country in response to the out of control and misplaced stimulus bills where he and congress seized, hundreds of billions from the American people. This was money that did not help the people but rather paid off Unions, liberal money executives and other supporters of Obama. Businesses continued to die and homes got foreclosed on. We get continued sound bites and teleprompter speeches of arrogant inspiration during this entire time of horror from this President.

We have seen Obama reach into the private auto industry and banking industry, taking over and demanding controls in response to loans. He has dipped into education and College loans, attempting and planning to control more of both. After all, he needs to control and seduce the young people to catch his ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ ‘socialist’ vision of dictatorial control over all. He now controls college loans and no doubt will require college kids to volunteer for him as part of the endless controls and repayment plan.

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