Red Alert! “Rumor Possible” Troops ‘Invade’ Grand Isle Louisiana – First Step in Coastal Evacuation?

Friday, June 11, 2010
By Paul Martin

Shepard Ambells – Grand Isle, Louisiana – While this report has been confirmed by our on scene guerrilla reporters who are in the process of getting us actual visual proof, there have been no reports of visible oil in the area. All Coast Guard critical response teams recently packed up and vacated the town, with the government covering their hotel tabs.

As of 12:00 PM CST, Possibly Battle-hardened National Guard troops in full battle gear with body armor and M-16 rifles have been seen moving into the area. Fully armored HUMVEES with 50-Caliber active gun turrets have been seen arriving on scene as well. All troops and vehicles are in woodland camouflage patterns.

Black trucks with red letters displaying “Disaster Relief Team” have also been seen arriving. FEMA contractors and mobile facilities are present. The Crisis Management Corp. is reportedly present as well.

This is what we have been warning was going to happen for over the last month here at the Intel Hub. We already had this Intel from our military sources. We will be bringing you live video updates, and reports from the scene. We believe this is the first step in a massive coastal evacuation that could potentially disperse 40-50 million people.

We will be updating the site with the latest information, and tracking this extensively.

17,500 Troops have been mobilized, ordered by President Obama

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