Wednesday, June 9, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Joe Kress
June 9, 2010

The question can America survive another four years of mistakes and allow another Neocon or socialist New World Order’s advocate marginalize our country to third world puppet status? Survive from what, one may ask? Certainly the United States is not going to survive as a democratic republic because the nation lost that opportunity when in 1860, congress signed off the session sine die without providing a time for reconvening. At that point the United States congress dissolved itself. Lincoln then instituted martial law for the next four years without benefit of a reconvened congress and the northern states lost their rights as the second leg of government. The southern states were no longer a part of the United States.

After 1865, the right to secede, which was written into the Constitution was abolished by presidential order and the individual powers formally held by state legislatures were significantly diminished, replaced by railroad barons in control of ruthless politicians backed by equally ruthless, elite, wealthy northern opportunists/carpetbaggers who exploited the defeated southerners. The families involved in banking, munitions and later oil and the remnants of Tammany Hall were in charge. The new government was formulated. A pseudo congress composed of a Republican majority swore an oath to a government devoid of the right of succession and token representation of the former rebellious states of the South. It was so corrupt that only one man stood up against further exploitation of the South by predatory members of the Senate. His name was Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice president, the successor to the president in accordance with the Constitution’s guideline.

Some excerpts following were taken from Wikipedia:

“When Andrew Johnson became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, some of the Republicans in Congress most opposed to what they saw as the too-lenient policies of Lincoln toward reconstruction saw Johnson’s ascension as a hopeful sign. One of the radical Republicans of the Senate, Benjamin Wade, expressed his support: “Johnson, we have faith in you. By the gods, there will be no more trouble in running the government.” Less than three years later, Wade would cast a vote to convict Johnson in the impeachment trial that nearly made him the ex-president of the United States. Wade was one of four members of the Jacobin Club that caused Lincoln fits and was no less a problem for Andrew Johnson.

“There were two contending theories in post-war Washington concerning reconstruction. One theory argued that the states of the United States are indestructible by the acts of their own people and state sovereignty cannot be forfeited to the national government. Under this theory, the only task for the federal government was to suppress the insurrection, replace its leaders, and provide an opportunity for free government to re-emerge. Rehabilitation of the state was a job for the state itself. The other theory of reconstruction argued that the Civil War was a struggle between two governments, and that the southern territory was conquered land, without internal borders– much less places with a right to statehood. Under this theory, the federal government might rule this territory as it pleases, admitting places as states under whatever rules it might prescribe.” This position was that of the Jacobin Club.

“Andrew Johnson was a proponent of the first, more lenient theory, while the radical Republicans who would so nearly remove him from office were advocates of the second theory. The most radical of the radical Republicans, men like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner, believed also in the full political equality of the freed slaves. They believed that black men must be given equal rights to vote, hold office, own land, and enter into contracts, and until southern states made such promises in their laws they had no right to claim membership in the Union.” (Republicans also had more practical reasons to worry about Johnson’s lenient reconstruction policy: the congressmen elected by white southerners were certain to be overwhelmingly Democrats, reducing if not eliminating the Republican majorities in both houses.)

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