Why Are So Many Horrible Things Happening To America All Of A Sudden?

Thursday, May 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

The End of the American Dream


Once upon a time the United States was a land of abundance and prosperity that was truly blessed from sea to shining sea. Tens of millions of Americans enjoyed living the American Dream in a land filled with happy, healthy and prosperous people. But these days it seems as though there are new stories of tragedy and despair almost daily. Whether it is the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or the horrific flooding in Tennessee, or the tornadoes ripping through the Midwest, or the gut-wrenching economic despair in cities like Detroit, it just seems like a whole lot of horrible things are happening to America all at once. So why is all of this hitting the U.S. right now? Why does it seem like there is just about nowhere in the United States right now that is untouched by a major crisis?

Just consider a few of the items that have been making headline news recently….

The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

Oil continues to gush into into Gulf of Mexico at a staggering pace. At this point, at least 4.2 million gallons of oil have poured into the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf Coast region is bracing for an environmental nightmare of unprecedented magnitude.

The truth is that even if this oil spill is completely stopped tomorrow, the oil that has already been spilled is going to cripple the seafood and tourism industries in the Gulf for years. The great natural beauty of the region is going to be seriously marred, and hundreds of species are going to have their habitats absolutely devastated.

It is hard to describe what this oil spill is going to mean for those living along the Gulf of Mexico, but the following couple of quotes do a pretty good job of summarizing where things stand at this point….

Richard Charter of the Defenders of Wildlife:

“It is so big and expanding so fast that it’s pretty much beyond human response that can be effective. … You’re looking at a long-term poisoning of the area. Ultimately, this will have a multidecade impact.”

Louis Miller of the Mississippi Sierra Club:

“This is going to destroy the Mississippi and the Gulf Coast as we know it.”

The Flooding In Tennessee

Massive storms recently dumped nearly 20 inches of rain on many areas of the southeast United States, killing at least 27 people and putting many areas of Nashville, Tennessee deep under water.

In fact, it is being projected that the damage to the city of Nashville alone is close to a billion dollars.

The Tornadoes That Have Been Ripping Up The Midwest And The Southeast

At least five people were killed on Monday as a number of very dangerous tornadoes ripped across the state of Oklahoma.

But that is nothing compared to the unprecedented outbreak of tornadoes in the southeast recently. Officials there said that 61 tornadoes erupted when a massive storm marched across an area stretching all the way from Mississippi to South Carolina. Winds inside some of those tornadoes were clocked as high as 160 mph, and one of the tornadoes had a base one and a half miles wide.

Can you imagine a tornado that is a mile and a half wide heading your way?

Those tornadoes killed at least 12 people, and it is estimated that the damage that they caused could reach into the billions of dollars.

The Disappearance Of The Honeybees

Honeybees are dying off all over the United States

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