Thursday, May 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

Mike Ruppert

WE ARE ALL noticing that suddenly the mainstream media has “discovered” the size of the blowout. Matt Simmons has just estimated the flow at 120,000 bpd and said that there’s a likelihood that the whole reservoir will empty… perhaps for years at an ultimately declining rate. Mainstream media is now actually saying it is a “possible extinction event” for life in the entire Gulf. Cuba is feeling it. The Gulf is doomed. But we knew all this, didn’t we? I put those pieces together a while ago… right here.What sickens me is how transparent the media manipulation is. The media’s now accusing BP of misleading them, even when I showed that they have been colluding in concealing the magnitude of the flow themselves. I was all over that.

Tonight the world is at the edge. Korea, European debt, Afghanistan, the Gulf, Continued economic implosion. — A thing worthy of note that might not have caught your attention stems from two distinctly-related stories. One was all over the news today, reporting that Barack Obama had mobilized 1,200 National Guard troops to control the Arizona border. (Half of what John McCain asked for.) And in Flint Michigan there are calls from former elected officials for the Governor to mobilize the Guard to help control an exploding murder rate.

As Orlov and many others have written, one of the things that happens when a civilization collapses is that crime rates soar, old grudges and vendettas are settled and the Empire’s ability to intervene diminishes. Arizona has a very bad situation on its hands. And even though I’m a California boy, and I don’t like racial profiling, those people are truly desperate. Much more illegal population in Arizona and there will be open street wars for control of turf. De facto guerilla armies are forming. In other words… the barbarians have entered the gates.

We are entering a very dangerous period of increasing lawlessness that will soon be seen all over the country.. I received a message today that Matt Savinar’s great blog had a discussion about National Guard troops being mobilized in many states. The writer said that many thought it was for Korea. I stopped, thought for a moment, and said to myself, “It could be the Gulf…. It could be the border too… It could be street crime in Michigan…. Shoot, it could be all three!”
Now appears the vague outlines of what the rightist conspiracy theorists have called “martial law”. Friends, this isn’t martial law. It is desperation. Because if this increasing mobilization doesn’t happen, the nation will become non-functional in very, very short order. Where I differ from the belligerently naive is that I see this period of “martial law” as a brief and ill-fated attempt to put the brakes on something that cannot be stopped. I have always felt that way. There will come a time when we might look back and think, “Those were the good old days.”


Has anyone noticed that FEMA hasn’t been mentioned at all since Deepwater Horizon blew up? The uninformed think of FEMA as a clown factory. There is another FEMA and I suspect that that FEMA has been quietly mobilizing since Day One, under orders from the President, for implementation of Continuity of Government operations, followed by the possible activation of FEMA governmental control for Region 4 of its 10 operating regions. One concern I have always shared with the so-called right wing is the utterly draconian powers that are bestowed under a series of presidential Special Orders starting in the late 1970s and continuing through the present day. This is what FEMA has always been intended to do. The good things it should have done after Katrina weren’t really in its DNA, I don’t think. Bush-Cheney only made it worse.
So when we next hear the name FEMA I think a lot of folks are going to be surprised to see what it looks and acts like.

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