The Policies of Insolvency, part III…Battle Stations

Friday, May 21, 2010
By Paul Martin

By: Ty Andros
Friday, 21 May 2010

Battle Stations

The greatest transfer of wealth from those who hold it in paper to those who don’t is underway; a Crack-up Boom looms.

It’s time to put on your battle gear and man your stations as the “when hope turns to fear” (see 2010 outlook in Tedbits archives) moment has arrived. As the G7 financial systems lurch towards their demise, insanity is on plain display in the capitals of the developed world, with the purchasing power of all G7 currencies (Pounds, Swiss Francs, Euros and Dollars of all stripes) in free fall — as measured in the only REAL currencies in the world: GOLD and SILVER.

“Gold is money, and nothing else”- JP Morgan, testifying under oath to the Pujo Commission 1913

Public servants and their central bank allies are in a struggle between truth and fiction. The truth being that they are Insolvent; the fiction being that they are NOT. Hardy har har. (Thank you for the wonderful quotes). Euro zone public servants are decrying ratings agencies which can no longer present POLITICALLY correct and PRACTICALLY incorrect ratings.

“In some ways it’s a battle of the politicians against the markets. That’s how I do see it. But I’m determined to win this battle” –Angela Merkel

This reminds me of Chuck Prince of Citigroup who said as long as the music was playing he was still on the dance floor. That was a bell ringing, so is Angela’s statement. If there ever was a political epitaph, that is it. The very idea that she can defy nature is ABSURD and dangerous to the future of her constituents; it is they who will PAY the PRICE for her INSANITY. German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, claims that markets are out of control. Earth to Wolfgang: They were never in your control! You may want to study the lessons of King Kanute.

She and the other political powers that be in the Euro zone ATTEMPT to DEFY Mother Nature, but unfortunately they will fail, as years of MORAL and FISCAL bankruptcy and the 40 years of sovereign ALCHEMY is exposed as the fraud that it is and has been.

The Pound, Euro, and oil in freefall, or the Dollar, gold and silver in moon shots as investors scurry into and out of those markets.

Look at the markets (stocks, bonds, currencies, energy, natural resources, etc) zooming all over the place to price in the new realities. Expanding volatility is opportunity for the prepared investor. It’s just BEGUN! Absolute Return Alternative Investments which have the potential to thrive in up and down market conditions are essential to a diversified portfolio. You must also learn to fix your paper currencies to SHORT circuit the powerful debasement of the money supplies in the G7. This is what I do… (click here to inquire: )

Years of borrowing to build the welfare-state constituencies has now resulted in an economic model and a public no longer produce more than they consume. The European welfare states’ economies are now DEAD; nothing will revive them apart from structural changes which will never be considered short of the final disaster they have created. The crony capitalists, illuminati banksters, public sector trade unions and public servants have KILLED the golden goose of the private sectors. Look at the portion of these economies going to GOVERNMENT parasites:

The Rest…HERE

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