Behind the drama in Europe lies a global crisis

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
By Paul Martin

The euro is under threat – along with our entire free-market system,

By Edmund Conway
19 May 2010

It is now accepted, even by Angela Merkel, that as Europe battles its financial crisis, the very fate of the euro is at stake. Her belated discovery of this home truth is welcome, but she does not go far enough. The real concern is that the crisis bubbling on the other side of the Channel represents a make-or-break moment for globalisation.

If that sounds rather exotic, consider two apparently separate events from the past couple of days. The first features George Osborne. While things have gone pretty well back home for the new Chancellor, he is already having trouble in Europe, where the Commission has been fighting not only to de-claw the hedge fund industry – against British wishes – but also to impose new rules on its member states.

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