Exclusive in-depth investigation–Obama’s secret plan for the 4th reich? Part 1

Monday, May 17, 2010
By Paul Martin

Anthony G. Martin

For years Constitutional conservatives and libertarians have warned that the American government is moving alarmingly toward centralized power in Washington. Plenty of evidence and proof has been presented that shows the highly troubling expansion of the power and reach of the federal government–something which the Framers feared and about which they warned repeatedly.

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais).

In this exclusive Conservative Examiner in-depth investigation, it can be shown without doubt that not only is government power expanding at a rapidly increasing rate of speed but that the groundwork is being laid for that government to read everything you write in email, follow and record your activities on the Internet, monitor your cell phone conversations as a matter of course, track your whereabouts when you drive, and even control your television set, not for beneficial purposes but for malevolent ends.

And with the present push in Washington for total federal control of the banking, investing, housing, healthcare, energy, and insurance industries, the information gathered about you can be used to coerce your adherence to whatever new laws and restrictions government determines should be placed on your behavior. Dissenters, of course, could then be dealt with in the harshest of terms, complete with threats to withhold healthcare, for example, unless and until you decide to march in lockstep to what the ‘state authorities’ demand.

Far-fetched, you say?

Think again. An entire secret network has been uncovered by this investigation that shows conclusively that your government is preparing to override any rights guaranteed to be protected by the Constitution, including your right to privacy concerning your medical records, your investments, your bank accounts, your insurance, as well as your right to free speech, due process, gun rights, and every other liberty specifically designated by the Constitution as ‘God-given’ and ‘unalienable.’

This special investigation will unfold in a series of articles. A wealth of information has been uncovered, exposing a world-wide secret network that connects the sharpest intellects on the planet with global corporations and big government. That information is shocking, frightening, and even overwhelming, not only due to its far-reaching and dangerous implications but because of its intricate detail, careful planning, and multi-faceted approach to controlling every aspect of human life by seizing control of the key sectors of society that impact all of us–money, housing, healthcare, energy, and interpersonal communication.

Obviously this global network has been in the planning stages for a number of years, dating all the way back to the early 1970s and coming into sharper focus with the development of the Internet. President Ronald Reagan was able to provide a brief respite from the relentless march to the consolidation of centralized government power by his insistence on individual liberty and personal responsibility–and small government. But even then Reagan could not stem the tide enough to prevent its growth entirely.

George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush presided over a continuing expansion of the role and scope of big government. The seeds of the massive housing, mortgage, and banking crash of 2008 were sown years ago when Bill Clinton, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac came up with a collaborative plan between big government and big corporations to use the mortgage industry as a welfare program.

Citizens of extremely limited means were given mortgages, with the approval of government and business, whether they could afford them or not. Such a scheme was bound to fail.

That ill-fated plan continued right up until the giant mortgage, housing, and banking crash in 2008. Government created the problem that led to the crash, in collaboration with Freddie and Fannie.

George W. Bush accepted without question the Wall Street and big government ‘cure’ for the problem by approving TARP I–the bailout program–even while admitting that he had ‘put aside his preference for free enterprise.’ Barack Obama not only continued that ‘cure’ with TARP II but expanded it to an astounding level, running up a deficit that soared to quadruple the amount it had been when he first took office.

Thus, not only did Obama seize control of the largest investment banking firms, but now he has seized control of the healthcare industry and presently wishes to seize the energy industry as well. Housing and mortgages were already in the hip pocket of big government.

The only segment of society Obama needs in order to control every aspect of the citizens’ lives is the energy industry. And the cap and trade legislation on carbon emissions, energy, and the environment is designed to give him exactly that.

However, while Americans have been reeling from the bombardment of news reports on the ‘urgency’ of all of these ‘necessary’ government programs, something has been occurring under the radar screen that exposes the real end-game, the ultimate goal, the big enchilada, for the big government and big corporation moguls.

The Third Reich in Germany prior to and during WWII was essentially a collaborative effort between government and large industry to totally dominate society. This is one of the key aspects of ‘fascism.’ And Barack Obama, and others, most of whom are hidden from public view, are planning to pick up where the Third Reich left off…Obama’s secret ‘4th Reich.’

In Part 2 of this series Obama’s Pandora’s box will be opened, exposing the snakes. Stay tune

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