1000 Point Drop In The Dow? This Is Just The Beginning…

Saturday, May 15, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Giordano Bruno

Anyone who has been following the fundamental underlying details of the economic downturn since 2007 recognizes that the mainstream financial media have regularly misreported facts in order to quell public concerns over the true magnitude of the collapse we are facing. More often, they choose to simply leave out certain details which might alert people to the greater problem, or underreport vital facts and hope that the truth is eventually buried by the gravity of the great “memory hole”. However, there are instances under which they will lie blatantly and outright about the state of the economy if a piece of information is highly damaging to the establishment. The 1000 point drop of May 6th was one of those instances.

Theories, most of them MSM fabrications, abound in the trading community over this recent event. The shock of such a drop in the market has given many analysts ‘tunnel vision’, and blinded them to the bigger picture. A 1000 point loss in the Dow is certainly a historical event, but in contrast with the whole of what we now face, it is only a symptom, a footnote. It is common for investors and even people with little concern for markets to see what they want to see when it comes to economics. Strong fair trade is the lifeblood of any society. No one wants to believe that they are in the midst of a financial freefall, and some will ignore the obvious until the world comes crashing down around their ears. People fear economic uncertainty more than they fear war, and denial is always pervasive in any culture facing such calamities as depression, or hyperinflation. We WANT to believe economic lies. We want “comfort”, not truth.

In this article, we will ignore comfort. We will set aside what we might wish to see, what we know others want to hear, and examine only the facts, which is something Americans should have been doing years ago, before the collapse ever began. Only by admitting that there is a serious problem, and examining the fundamentals at the heart of that problem, will we ever be able to fix the problem, or at least prepare for its consequences.

One “Fat Finger” Crushed Wall Street?

I know a tall tale when I hear one. “Green Shoots are sprouting”, “The Federal Reserve is necessary”, “Inflation will save us”, “Debt is good” etc. But this one really takes the cake. For those not yet aware, on May 6, 2010 for about 20 minutes the Dow Jones index experienced what some are now calling a “flash crash”, causing it to lose approximately 10% of its entire value. It is considered by many to be comparable to the Black Monday crash of 1987. The market went into a panic, and many traders reported being locked out, unable to process buy and sell orders.

Usually, when the Dow takes a dive like the one on May 6th, there are a whole myriad of factors including instabilities in foreign markets that must be accounted for. We have problems in spades here in the U.S., including a meltdown in long term Treasury bond sales, constant fiat liquidity injections by the private Federal Reserve, continuously frozen credit markets (the problem the bailouts were supposedly going to fix), sustained high unemployment, and a debt to GDP ratio of around 96% (this does not include the debt of unpaid entitlement programs such as Social Security, which if factored in would increase our Debt/GDP ratio by about 800%). Setting the United States aside, Europe is also on the verge of a sovereign debt collapse. Countries such as Greece and Italy have debt to GDP ratios between 150% and 200%.

This kind of debt around the world is absolutely unsustainable regardless of liquidity injections, not even for another few years. The elements for market chaos are everywhere. And yet, when the Dow took a thousand point hit last week, the mainstream media blamed a “fat finger” pressing the wrong key at a trading computer:

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