Gerald Celente: 2010 Will be The Summer of Terror

Monday, May 10, 2010
By Paul Martin

May 10, 2010

Alex dissects the recetn Dow stock market meltdown with trends forecaster Gerald Celente.Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal and is a business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events.

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3 Responses to “Gerald Celente: 2010 Will be The Summer of Terror”
MBM Says:

May 10th, 2010 at 5:08 am
BOOK TWELVE Chapter 52

America, the Whore of the World,

Your Hour of Great Judgment is at Hand!

Rise up, oh Blessed Daughter of Mine! For, I am Your Father, Your Creator, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, do you see what is before you?

Yes, my Father, I see a great sword, a very great sword, indeed; and if is full of fire! And, it is sharp, very sharp, very big and bright! It is Your sword, oh Blessed Saviour; and it is in Your hands! And, it strikes America! Right down through the middle of the nation it goes and with it a roaring fire! Here and there, all across America, then goes forth this roaring fire!

I cup my ears; for I am trying to discern what You say, oh Blessed Saviour, amidst this roaring fire!

My Little One, these are My words! Oh, America, you grievous nation, full of every evil, foul and devilish thing! I am against you, oh America; and I shall divide and separate you, oh America! I shall divide and separate the righteous from the unrighteous; the pure from the impure! And, once I do this, I shall give you over to the sword! I shall give you over to the famine! I shall give you over to disease and to the dividing and conquering armies!

For, I am against you, oh harlot daughter of Mine! I made you great oh America! Oh, House of Israel, I gathered you from among all nations and I gave you a home, even as I had promised you! And, I prospered you and blessed you above all nations! You rose up in your power and you set yourself up high! You robbed! You raped! You pillaged, and you intermingled yourselves with evil and whorish gods! You allowed those whores to rise up to positions of great power and to overrun and to take away all of your rights, one by one! For, in your silence, you agreed with their whorish ways!

And, in the privacy of your own homes, you catered to every kind of filth and every kind of evil and abominable thing! You have loved violence! You have loved fornication and adultery! You have robbed your children of their innocence; for you have fed them sex and violence! You have shed innocent blood and have delighted to kill your babies before they could be born! For, you wanted the freedom of every abominable practice of the flesh and you have loved money and all that it could buy!

You have made yourselves slaves so that you could have two, three, four and five cars and could live in big houses, though your nation and individual families are laden with debt through exorbitant usury!

Your have lain on your backs and have been the world’s whore! You have polluted My churches with the strange fire and with feel-good messages and sermons! And, you have hated and despised My prophets! You have mocked them and you have scorned them and have thrown them out of your midst!

Now, comes your time, oh America! Your time of great judgement at My hands! For, your great and abominable sins are come up and constantly in My face! And, I shall heap upon your heads the evils of your works!

And, I say to you, this shall not be put off! For, even as I tell you these words, rest assured that My great judgements against you, oh House of Israel, shall not be put off! For, I shall put a hook in the noses of your enemies; and I shall drag them forth onto this nation!

I shall surely raise up Russia, China, an Arab alliance and even many other nations and they shall make war against you! They shall overrun you and they shall sorely grieve you! Your losses shall be great indeed; but they will not totally devour you!

A famine, a sore famine is upon you, oh wicked and backslidden daughter of Mine! For, you say, “I am fat, and I am happy and no evil shall come upon me.” But, I say that you are blind and you are naked and the whole world sees your nakedness and will exploit your nakedness!

You say, oh America, “I am comfortable in my home! I am comfortable!” But, I say that I shall sorely grieve your comfortable lifestyle, for a loaf of bread shall be sold for $10.00 and then for $20.00, and where then will be your comfort? Will you not eat your own children? Will you not kill and eat your own family members? For, I have blessed this land! I have given you plenty and you have played the whore with every passerby and with every stranger!

And, you, in your churches, who comfort yourselves in your holier-than-thou attitudes, woe to you, you proud, haughty and arrogant preachers! For, I shall drag you down off your pedestals! I shall pull down your high looks! I shall lay you low and black-booted thugs shall run across your backs! The execution gallows shall await you! For, the enemy will utterly burn your churches and will bring down your high looks! For, you have lifted yourselves up and you have made yourselves as gods over your little kingdoms! You mock My true prophets and throw lies against them! And, you rise up in your arrogance to bring My true servants to shame! But, I shall bring you to shame, oh proud, haughty and arrogant preachers! For, I shall clean remove you and hell’s pits shall be filled with you! For, you will not stand in My face! Oh, you proud and haughty preachers of My word! For, I have looked and I have seen the insides of your shirts and this insides of your trousers! And, you are but dead men, full of maggots, and putrid and grievous sores!

Oh howl, you breadbasket of America! For, I shall upset your corn fields! I shall lay waste to your wheat fields! I shall cripple your farms of plenty! For, I shall loose the destroyer in your midst and what he does not destroy, war will destroy! And, what war does not destroy, the pestilence will destroy!

Woe to you with babes, who suck at the breasts! For, I shall dry up your breast milk! Oh, how you have bragged and taken confidence in your birth control, in your abortions, and in your dry teats! I loathe all that you have done; and you have done it to hoard unto you stuff and money and to parade your filthy sex in your bedrooms! (It is) even far worse among man and wife than what many see in whorehouses and harems! Oh, you wretched women! How you have “slutted” yourselves! And, you have made your children all the more like you! Therefore, your breasts shall sag and hang low! Your sucking babes shall perish in your arms; for you have prided yourselves in the killing of the innocent unborn! You have shed innocent blood, that I hate, and I shall now require it of you, oh harlot nation!

Yet, even so, I will not totally destroy you, (America)! However, I will diminish you; and I will debase you! For, My wrath is great indeed against you!

And, oh that you had listened! Oh that you have paid attention to what this servant of Mine has told you about the horrific, Satanic, other-worldly technology, which will be used against you! But, you mock, oh you nation of mockers! And, you scorn, oh you nation of scorners! And, now you shall be thrown headlong and quickly so into a hellish technology that is so horrific that many of you shall simply vanish in the midst of this technology! For, it is a combination of two different worlds! And, many will be sucked into another world from which you will not get free! And, neither will there be any to hear their cries! For, you have despised the Only One, who could help you!

Oh, weep and howl, oh you nation of America! For, I have marked you and I have set you for destruction! A great destruction indeed! For, I have warned you and warned you and warned you for many, many years and you have overwhelmingly turned a blind eye and a deaf ear! Do not expect this to be put off! It will not be put off, but is now in your very face!

I am your Creator, your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of May, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Another Victim Says:

May 10th, 2010 at 5:22 am
Linda, you NEED medical help about your delusions. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.

Philippe Says:

May 10th, 2010 at 5:28 am
Should make for an interesting summer. If things in the US degenerate quickly, should make the elections in November kind of rocky for both of the establishments parties. A third party may be on rise.


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